Adam Hall

Adam is a Senior Consultant for Current Consulting Group with over 15 years of experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry. Throughout his career he has worked closely with third-party administrators and their clients to create successful, compliant drug and alcohol testing programs. Adam also serves as an instructor for a variety of in-person and online DOT and non-DOT training courses.

The Future of Drug Testing Is Now

Workplace drug testing has been around for decades, and the primary focus on safety in the workplace remains the same. However, as time progresses, certain aspects of drug testing may require change. For instance, marijuana laws have changed significantly in many states in recent years, which has pushed employers to review the goals of their drug testing programs. The COVID-19 pandemic forced employers to explore alternative options for testing, as many service companies were shut down for extended periods of time. Ideas and technologies that were once thought of as future solutions are now being used routinely today by companies nationwide, and understanding these solutions will contribute to the success of a company’s drug testing program.