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5 Ways to Optimize Your Background Checks to Attract Top Talent

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It takes a lot of hard work and effort to get candidates through the hiring process. Background checks are often the bridge between the conclusion of a successful last interview and your new hire’s first day on the job. If you want to win the best talent, you must make sure that your candidate’s experience at every step of the hiring process from the first interview to the background check is smooth and efficient.

In this post, we walk you through how you can optimize your background check process to ensure your candidate’s experience is fast and stress-free.

1. Use Technology to Appeal to Top-Performing Candidates

Background checks are often an area of concern for candidates. If the background check process is slow and leaves your candidate feeling “left in the dark,” it may cause the best candidates to withdraw from your hiring process.

A background check solution that provides advanced technology to optimize speed, accuracy, and deliver the best candidate experience can ensure you won't lose your best candidates. 

Does your background screening solution support a positive candidate experience?

If you’re uncertain, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your background check process mobile-friendly?
  • Can candidates view the status of their background check?
  • Do candidates get real-time message alerts about their background checks?

CandidateConnect®, Orange Tree’s mobile-friendly candidate portal, lets you answer all the above with a definitive “Yes.” This intuitive portal streamlines the onboarding process by reducing extra steps and provides real-time ETAs to promote transparency throughout your candidate's journey.

Using this platform, your recruiters focus on their responsibilities as candidates will have self-service capability.

Key features

• Real-time status ETAs. • Outstanding task notifications.
• Mobile document uploads. • e-signature enabled.
• Direct contact to support.  • Secure Adverse Action letters.

2. Make Your Recruiters' Lives Easier 

As a recruiter, you know that it’s common to be recruiting for multiple positions at one time. Between screening candidates, trying to wrangle hiring managers for interviews, and all the other millions of things going on–it can feel overwhelming. The last thing you should have to worry about is having MORE work to do. 

Orange Tree's CandidateConnect®

CandidateConnect® enables you to move all data entry activities to your candidates, reducing turnaround time and time spent calling candidates for missing information. This automation lets you focus on your tasks instead of answering candidate's questions about their background checks.

3. Positively affect Your Bottom Line

Improving the background check experience will also enhance key recruiting metrics. Your organization will save recruiting costs associated with vacancies left open for too long. Fast turnaround times and easy-to-use solutions will save you valuable time during the process. You deserve peace of mind and the most accurate background check available.

A candidate’s positive experience also has a direct impact on your business. Happy candidates are more likely to accept your offer and refer others to your business. 

Lack of screening efficiency can also damage your business. The right background check solution confirms every candidate’s background and protects your business from risk.

4. Use Integrations to Your Advantage

Many organizations integrate their HR tools into a single platform. Choosing to centralize interviewing, onboarding, and background screening into one system makes daily HR operations much more manageable. Leveraging the right tools for your business will deliver an exceptional experience for recruiters and candidates.

5. Partner with the Right Background Check Company

Orange Tree provides fast and accurate background checks designed to help you attract the best talent.  Our technology is easy to use for you and your candidates, which reduces your time-to-hire while creating an enhanced candidate experience. Our intuitive candidate portal is mobile-friendly and provides real-time status updates and transparency to the background process. 

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