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3 Ways Background Checks can Enhance Company Brand

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Every person you hire is a reflection of your company's brand, regardless of whether they work with customers or behind the scenes. Think of how major companies like Google, Southwest Airlines and Zappos are filled with people committed to the business they work for. Their work ethic is easily observed by the public, which is why these companies are viewed so favorably by consumers.

1. Increases safety

Keeping your existing employees and customers safe is of the utmost importance. Drug testing and criminal background checks can identify applicants who might bring harm to your office. The benefits of background checks range from preventing loss to avoiding all-too-common workplace accidents.

For example, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 11 percent of victims in workplace fatalities had been drinking during or near the time of death. In addition, 20 percent of people said the drinking habits of their peers threatened their own safety and productivity. When these accidents are made public, customers and business partners have doubt in the company responsible. A simple criminal background check identifies applicants with a history of drug- or alcohol-related convictions.

 2. Gives your business a professional touch

Employees in healthcare, law, education and similar fields must go to the extra mile to prove their qualifications. Often, they're required to get a professional license from a state board. Sometimes, they'll also join reputable, professional associations and list these on their resumes. Verifying these licenses and memberships ensures your business is staffed by none other than the best.

Verifying licenses and professional association memberships prevents you from hiring unqualified applicants.

 3. Ensures a commitment to company culture

A company is most successful when its employees' beliefs and values align with their employer's goals. As such, you want to hire people that fit well with your company's existing culture. Part of hiring the right person involves verifying their professional references. By checking with their past employers and co-workers, you can be certain you're hiring someone with the right values and work ethic for your business.

While a background check is necessary to make sure you hire the right employees, it's admittedly a huge task to take on by yourself. That's why you need a third-party solution like Orange Tree. Outsourcing your employee background check process saves you the time and headache of vetting each and every applicant.

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