A practical view into managing and applying best practices in employment background screening

  • Why you need the perfect background screening solution

    Posted 01/17/17

    We've all heard a story about an employee who jeopardizes the safety and integrity of both their office and their fellow employees. For a recent example, The News Tribune, a newspaper from Tacoma, Washington, detailed the story of a firefighter who, after years of addiction and erratic behavior, ...

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  • Peeling the Orange: Who is Orange Tree?

    Posted 01/09/17

    Hiring a new employee is a lengthy endeavor that requires a lot more than most people realize. According to research from Glassdoor, the average interview process takes 23 days, and screening processes like skills tests, drug tests and background checks are on the rise. As the...

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  • Managing Adverse Action Without Running Afoul of the Law

    Posted 06/22/16

    If your organization uses background checks to qualify candidates for employment, chances are you will eventually find yourself dealing with adverse action notices. Here are considerations on how to set your organization up for success:

    As background checks have become more widespread among companies screening job candidates for employment, the plaintiff’s bar has begun targeting...

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  • A Quick Checklist

    Posted 01/19/16

    Is Your Background Screening Program Due For A Tune-Up?

    1. Do your background checks safeguard your organization against negligent hiring lawsuits?

      Employers can be held liable for facts that are known or should have been known concerning an employee’s character or criminal history. Thorough background screening can help mitigate liability exposure from claims of...

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    Posted 01/19/16

    Customer satisfaction scores often suffer long after the ink on M&A deals has dried.

    Mergers and acquisitions often create lingering dissatisfaction among customers. Why? More often than not, it seems, these deals are motivated by the desire to boost shareholder return – frequently to the detriment of the customer experience.

    Consider a BusinessWeek analysis of...

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  • Not All Employment Background Screening Companies Are Created Equal

    Posted 11/11/15

    Fewer than 2% of all consumer reporting agencies earn accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners – a nationally recognized seal of approval distinguishing employment background screening companies for their commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards and ongoing institutional improvement.

    To earn accreditation from...

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  • Beware One-Size-Fits-All Criminal Background Checks

    Posted 10/12/15

    It takes jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction precision to win the criminal background check game. The accuracy and timely availability of criminal records varies wildly from state to state – even county to county.


    State and county central repositories for criminal records are frequently hampered by manpower shortages, procedural delays, local privacy...

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