ATS Integrations

Orange Tree offers pre-integrated solutions and custom integrations allowing you to order and receive reports through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of choice. Integrations are based on ensuring not only a stable platform, but one that keeps personal information confidential and secure. 

ATS Integration Key Features

  • Pre-integrated solutions with the industry-leading ATS providers
  • Customized configuration created with our ATS partners
  • Programmable workflows
  • Candidate interface and notifications
  • Real-time candidate progress tracking

Pre-integrated solutions streamline your background checks and speed up hiring. With a single point of entry, you can view requested background checks and track progress and results all in one place.

Orange Tree’s pre-integrated solutions are compatible with the industry’s leading ATS partners, designed to save you time, and ensures the integrity and security of your data while helping you to remain compliant with federal and state statutory requirements as well as local ordinances.  Contact Sales